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Minnesota State Highlight

The Minnesota Improving Outcomes team is taking a collaborative approach to address human trafficking in tribal communities. This strategy includes partnering with the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives Office and funding regional navigator positions tasked with providing culturally

Labor Trafficking Protocol Guidelines

Offers comprehensive guidance for state and local governments, service
providers, community organizations, and others to address labor trafficking, protect and support victims, and hold traffickers accountable. The protocol guidelines are specifically to enhance identification and response to

Safe Harbor Protocol Guidelines

Developed to meet the needs of communities desiring best practices to draw upon during the protocol development process, as well as professionals and agencies lacking community protocols and needing guidance on how to address child and youth sex

HT and Exploitation Informational Guides

These guides were created for four different audiences: the general public, caregivers, law enforcement, and the media. The general guide includes information on the definition of human trafficking, traffickers and buyers, victims, how one should talk about human

Process for Safe Harbor Engagement with Subject Matter Experts

Includes a step-by-step process of engaging any kind of subject matter expert (including survivor experts). Intended to be a checklist and a reference for ensuring that all critical expert engagement steps—such as budgeting compensation, discussing scope of the

Safe Harbor Values for Engaging Subject Matter Experts

Discusses 12 values related to working with survivor experts. These values, which were created to help guide Minnesota’s Improving Outcomes staff and partners in their engagement with survivor experts, underscore survivor empowerment and equity, transparency with the work,