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The Colorado Department of Public Safety manages the Connecting Colorado: Building Effective Anti-trafficking Systems program. This program includes evaluation by the Colorado State University Social Work Research Center. The team is building collaboration and consistency across the state’s multidisciplinary teams through innovative survivor engagement practices.

The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Human Services’ Division of Protection and Permanency—in collaboration with Catholic Charities, CHESS Solutions Group, state-contracted Private Child Placing and Private Child Caring  providers, and other key partners—have worked collaboratively to implement this statewide project from September 2020 to September 2023. Kentucky is increasing the knowledge and capacity of child welfare to identify and respond to child trafficking throughout the state.

The Louisiana Child and Youth Trafficking Collaborative Accessibility Initiative (LCYTC-AI) is managed by the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Human Trafficking Prevention and the Louisiana Alliance of Children’s Advocacy Centers. The LCYTC-AI is creating an effective statewide system of equitable care coordination for minor and youth victims of human trafficking.

The Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services is partnering with the University of Maryland School of Social Work to develop a statewide child trafficking response strategy. Through this project, the team is implementing Maryland’s strategic plan for addressing human trafficking of children and youth.

The Minnesota Safe Harbor Expansion to Improve Outcomes for Trafficked Children and Youth Project is managed by the Minnesota Department of Health. This statewide anti-trafficking initiative is strengthening state-Tribal partnerships, strengthen collaboration among state agencies, and improving law enforcement’s response to victims.

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with Nebraska Child and Family Foundation, is designing and implementing a statewide, collaborative, cross-agency response to child and youth human trafficking.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety leads the Human Trafficking Task Force of Ohio by developing and implementing a statewide strategy to build the capacity of Ohio’s juvenile justice and child welfare systems to identify and serve minor and youth victims of human trafficking.

The Oregon Department of Justice’s project has been successful in (1) mandating all state agencies to complete annual trainings on human trafficking awareness and identification, (2) mandating youth-serving agencies to conduct human trafficking screening for all children at intake, (3) creating and implementing a crisis and non-crisis response protocol, and (4) creating and implementing human trafficking training.

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