Minnesota Youth Trafficking and Exploitation Identification Tool and Guide


Created for professionals who work with youth to help identify minors who have experienced, or may be experiencing, human trafficking or exploitation. The tool includes best practices for creating an identification process and response plan; an indicator list to help professionals recognize possible signs of human trafficking and exploitation; identification tool; safety planning; guidance on next steps; and resources for further information, referrals, and guidance.


The identification tool, which is embedded within the document, includes a matrix of questions that can be integrated into a one-on-one conversation between a youth-serving professional and a child or youth. It also includes next steps for reporting or resources. The tool also includes additional American Indian resources and information about Minnesota’s Safe Harbor program, relationship building, and laws related to confidentiality and privacy.


The Minnesota Youth Trafficking and Exploitation Identification (MYTEI) tool and guide can be accessed by completing the MYTEI training and tool kit request form (in the weblink above). A MYTEI user must complete a training before using the tool. Created and vetted by multiple experts and survivors, the MYTEI was originally adapted from the Adult Human Trafficking Screening Tool and Guide, although the changes and additions made were so extensive that it should not be considered an adapted version of that tool. The MYTEI tool is currently going through a validation process.


MN Dept of Health