Labor Trafficking Protocol Guidelines


Offers comprehensive guidance for state and local governments, service providers, community organizations, and others to address labor trafficking, protect and support victims, and hold traffickers accountable. The protocol guidelines are specifically to enhance identification and response to young adult (ages 18–24) and minor victims of labor trafficking. The protocol includes background information on labor trafficking and a “universal protocol” that can be used by local communities as a blueprint for their own protocols. The universal protocol section covers underlying values for working with victims of labor trafficking, collaborative responses, identification, protecting and supporting victims, working with minors, working with vulnerable adults, working with foreign-born victims, and offender accountability. The protocol also includes a protocol implementation worksheet and sector-specific protocols, including for law enforcement, healthcare, victim advocates, housing, legal services, and child welfare systems. Finally, the protocol includes recommendations for the state legislature, government agencies, and private funders.


The Advocates for Human Rights



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