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Louisiana State Highlight

Through the Louisiana Child and Youth Trafficking Collaborative Accessibility Initiative and Louisiana State Act 662, the Louisiana Improving Outcomes team allocates 2.5 million dollars annually for the expansion of state-wide care coordination services. The funding also supports 19

Louisiana Child and Youth Trafficking Collaborative Case Referral Process

Includes a flowchart that describes what should happen after a high-risk or confirmed case of minor trafficking is identified. Delineates who does what and includes critical information needed for each step.

Facilitation and Adult Learning Techniques

Created to support human trafficking coordinators in their efforts to host MDT meetings and train professionals. Includes a list of tips on “facilitation 101,” hosting effective discussions, adult learning techniques, and virtual meetings, as well as related weblinks.

Essential Elements of MDT Development

Lists core elements that should be incorporated into the structure of an MDT for child and youth trafficking victims, as well as the steps to develop an MDT. Provides guidance on establishing mission, vision, and values statements; defining

Human Trafficking Awareness and Reporting

Provides instructions on how to conduct an “anti-human trafficking response 101” training for allied professionals. Updated in 2022. Covers the Louisiana Child
and Youth Trafficking Collaborative (LCYTC) project; human trafficking, including common misconceptions; sex and labor trafficking;