Sex Trafficking

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Colorado Community Protocol Recommendations

Includes recommendations for Colorado agencies and organizations who may encounter youth who are at risk of or who have experienced sex or labor trafficking in Colorado. The recommendations document includes definitions, federal and Colorado human trafficking statutes, and

Indicators Recognizing and Responding to Sex Trafficking

The goal of this curriculum is to improve participants’ ability to recognize indicators of sex trafficking in minors and take initial steps to respond. This response includes reporting suspicions (when appropriate) and continuing to provide services, regardless of

Safe Harbor Protocol Guidelines

Developed to meet the needs of communities desiring best practices to draw upon during the protocol development process, as well as professionals and agencies lacking community protocols and needing guidance on how to address child and youth sex

Sex Trafficking of Children and Youth

This training is required for Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) staff as well as Private child-caring (PCC) or private child-placing (PCP) agencies contracted to provide care and services for a child in the custody of the Cabinet

Understanding and Addressing Sex Trafficking in our Community (UAST)

This series introduces a new, Oregon-specific introductory sex trafficking curriculum that builds awareness and gives community groups and service providers specific calls to action. The curriculum, titled Understanding and Addressing Sex Trafficking in our Community (UAST) includes stories

Human Trafficking Awareness and Reporting

Provides instructions on how to conduct an “anti-human trafficking response 101” training for allied professionals. Updated in 2022. Covers the Louisiana Child
and Youth Trafficking Collaborative (LCYTC) project; human trafficking, including common misconceptions; sex and labor trafficking;

Standard Sex Trafficking Response Protocol

A community-specific response plan to guide any service provider when they suspect a minor is experiencing sex trafficking. This protocol was developed so that every county will have a similar response and so practitioners who are not experts