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Screening and Assessing Trafficking for Tribes Training

Created in response to Nebraska’s Tribal Listening Session Report, this training seeks to increase the capacity of tribal leaders and community members to identify indicators of trafficking and understand options for screening and identifying resources to support survivors.

Training Module Series

Created to increase capacity of services providers and law enforcement in their state to recognize and respond to children and youth who had been trafficked, New Mexico developed a set of 8 training modules. These training modules focused

Tribal Response and Resources for Human Trafficking Victims in NE

Created in response to Nebraska’s Tribal Listening Session Report, the Nebraska Indian Child Welfare Coalition (NICWC) created a protocol document as a reference on responding to human trafficking for tribal programs and non-tribal programs serving Native American survivors.

Screening and Identification of HT

Training required to be completed by Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) staff as well as Private child-caring (PCC) or private child-placing (PCP) agencies contracted to provide care and services for a child in the custody of the