NM Resources for Engaging Adolescents And Children Holistically (REACH) Shared Purpose Agreement


Created to establish a network of service provider organizations who had agreed to be “pathway members.” These members were individuals who agreed to established relationship with the REACH team and participate in trainings. These individuals were also included in a resource app developed by the project to serve as a directory of services and resources available to survivors of human trafficking in the State of New Mexico. Service providers and law enforcement use this app to identify local services that are relevant to the needs of their clients. While there was a wide variety of organizations listed in the resource app, those that had signed the shared purpose agreement were listed in the app as “pathway members,” intending to denote them as those that had been vetted by the project and seen as trusted service providers for children and youth survivors of trafficking.


NM Office of the Attorney General and the NM Dream Center


New Mexico

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